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 How to obtain the right to place a Perceptor!

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PostSubject: How to obtain the right to place a Perceptor!   Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:00 am

Okay for the ppl who would like to obtain some Extra right's here's u'r chance Razz

I've finally decided how ppl will be able to obtain the right to place a Perceptor and Collect from it ..

So here goes .. to obtain the right:
at guild lvl 1 - you need 1,500 guild exp
lvl 2 - 3,000 guild exp
lvl 3 - 4,500 guild exp
(since right now we' re lvl 7 you need at liest 10,500 guild exp)

lvl 8 - 12,000 guild exp

and so on ..

(and once you obtain it .. we won' t take it away anymore, so you don' t have to force ur'self into whole guild leveling .. Unless you abuse these right' s - then i'll just take them away)
And you should collect the Perceptor before logging-off or there is a chance someone else will

These two rights will be a privilage to the guy' s that helped the guild to progress ..
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How to obtain the right to place a Perceptor!
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