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 Guild breedng program

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PostSubject: Guild breedng program   Wed May 13, 2009 11:26 pm

Want a mount? Already have a mount? Well here's how your guild can help you!

Mount breeding is a time consuming complex process. However, the successful breeder can make a large amount of kamas, if they know what they are doing.
We are going to have a paddock any day now, and in order to avoid confusion, I thought I'd tell you all how it is going to work.
First of all, ALL mounts are owned by individuals, not the guild. If you want a stake in the profits, you will need to provide your own, usefull breedable mount. You can also profit by helping the guild level its mounts.
When a new mount is born, it will be decided weather it will be used as a breeder, or put on the market. The ownership of the new mount is based on the owner of its parents.
When a mount is sold, The costs of raising and breeding the mount are deducted and 10% of what is left is donated to the guild. Any reamining money will be shared among its owners based on their % ownership.

Breeding costs:

Breeding equipment costs money! Guild members that provide resources for required breeding equipment will be paid 90% of the market rate by the Guild.
Higher level breeds sell for more, each level a member adds to a mount will earn them kamas paid by the guild.
These costs are deducted from the sell price of the mount when it is sold BEFORE profit is distributed.

How do I get a mount to level? I want to make $$$
You can only get a mount if you are level 60 or higher and have donated at least 10,000 XP to the guild. Finally, there must be a mount available. Available mounts will be listed in this forum and will be given out on a first in first served basis.

GROUND RULES OF MOUNT LOANS: (Failure to abide may result in serious consequences)

  • You will not be paid for the leveling until the mount is sold.
  • You can not have more than 1 mount at a time (unless you buy your own).
  • Mounts remain the property of their original owners, mounts are not given away freely, but rather loaned.
  • Only guild members with rank Breeder are allowed to breed mounts other than their own.
  • If you are lent a mount, and you are not ranked breeder in the guil YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BREED IT.
  • DO NOT Sell, loan or give away any mounts.
  • All Loans MUST be registered with Colosus, or you will not be eligable for leveling kamas.

Purity is a mesaure based on the number of ansestors the mount has of the same breed. Parants are weighted more heavily than grandparants, and great grandparants have only minor influence.

Current Breeding Plan:
  • Create pure Indigo.
  • Create pure Ebony.
  • Create AlmondGinger Cross.
  • Create IndigoEbony Cross.

When Dragos are sold:
When a drago is born of a higher purity than its parent, its parent will be sold.
Where possible only one of each sex of each type will be retained for breeding.
Dragos are sold at just below market rate.
Dragos can be bought by guildies at a 20% discount, subject to the paid price exceeding the costs of production.
All sold dragos will be neutered.

Stages of production:
Maturing: Raise the maturity f the drago to 100% and get it to level 5.
Breeding: Raise Love and Stamina to 7500.
Fertile: Drago is ready for breeding, just awaiting suitable mate.
Pregnant: Drago is pregnant.
Leveling: Drago has been loaned out to level for sale. Contains the name of the person leveling and the level at which it was lent.
Market: In market awaiting sale.
AVAILABLE: Can be loaned to a guild member for paid leveling.

Ownership is traced through lineage. When an owners share falls below 10% that owners share is redistributed among the other owners, and his/her share is reduced to 0.

The calculated ownership of the offspring is listed. Owenership of the offspring is based on ownership of the parants.

Accumulated costs of raising this drago, including leveling, equipment and market listing.

Leveling income:
For each level, leveler earns floor(level/10)*1000k.
i.e. for levels 10-19 1kk per level, 20-29 2kk per level 30-39 3kk per level and so on.

Note - for first and second generation the income is half (i.e. any gold/gin/alm or combination of those)

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PostSubject: Re: Guild breedng program   Wed May 13, 2009 11:37 pm

Current Registered Dragoturkeys
IDTypeLevelPurity %OwnershipStatusCosts
1GoldFem116Seleon 100%To be returned to Seleon0k
14GinFem583Colosus 100%Pregnant 100% Colosus Due 18:03 17/060k
ZGinMale1PUREBREEDColosus 100%Breeding
17AlmMale10066Gen-Ea 100%Waiting(Fertile)
6GldGinFem520Colosus 100%Available For Leveling0k
YAlmGinMale14%Colosus 100%Breeding0k
UIndFem1PUREBREEDLamamu 100%Pregnant. (50% Lamamu 50% Colosus due 5:30pm 18/06 NZST0k
1IndMale136Colosus 100%Breeding
TEbFem675Colosus 100%Breeding0k
15EbMale545Colosus 100%Available0k
CEbMale166%Colosus 100%Maturing0k
BEbIndMale10%Colosus 100%Maturing0k
AEbIndFem146%Colosus 100%Breeding0k
On Loan
10EbIndMale (N)?28Colosus 100%Leveling Colosus started @ 10k
0GinMale?100Colosus 100%Leveling BloodyBonta started @ 37LVL-BloodyBonta-29-36 10,000k
LVL-Lamamu 36-37 1,500k
4EbMale?0Gen-Ea 100%Leveling Snoopy started @ 50k
16GldGinMale2825Colosus 100%Leveling Lamamu started @ 28LVL-Vain 11-20 4,500k
LVL-Vain 21-28 8,000k
For Sale
SAlmGldFem14Colosus 100%For Sale: 100kkSale Fee: 1,000k

(N) - Neutered
Maturing - Not mountable or breedable.
Breeding - Mature, and Level 5+, will be used for breeding
Available - Available for leveling to any lvl 60+ guild member that meets requirements
Market - Currently listed in the bonta pet market.

nxtid T

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PostSubject: Re: Guild breedng program   Wed May 13, 2009 11:38 pm

date ID Type lvl Ownership Sell Price Expenses Guild Donation Profit Distribution
1-06-0912EbFem5Colosus 100%10kkSale Fee: 100k
Colosus Debt: 9,900k
17-05-09 9 IndMale 5 Colosus 100%10kk100k990kColosus 8,910k
21-05-098IndGinMale1Colosus 100%69kk1,590k6,741kColosus 60,669k
21-05-095EbFem5Colosus 100%40kk400k3,960kColosus 35,640k
22-05-093AlmFem (N)5Colosus 100%20kk200k1,980Colosus 17,820k
22-05-0913IndMale (N)1Colosus 50% Gen 50%5kk50k496Colosus 2,227k
Gen-Ea 2,227k
22-05-097AlmIndMale16Colosus 100%1mkTax: 10kk
lvls 10-16 Colosus: 6kk(paid)
98,400kColosus 885,600k
26-05-0911AlmFem (N)2Colosus 100%29kk29kkExceptColosus: 29kk
04-06-0918GldIndFem1Colosus 100%600kkSales tax: 6kk
Colosus debt: 206kk
Amrortised COst: 21kk
Guild donate: 36kkColosus: 331kk

Guild funds raised: 57kk

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PostSubject: Re: Guild breedng program   Fri May 15, 2009 1:10 pm

Current Amortised cost: Guild: 103kk

A special thanks to those that have donated resurces/kamas to the effort. Your generosity will be noted here, and when things get going well, you may find yourself being rewarded.

Destitution: 30 Ebonite
Gen-Ea: half a drago turkey

To get started I have needed a bit a dosh, so thanks to the following people who have lent kamas/items.

Naramell: 45kk (repaid)

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PostSubject: breeding   Sat May 16, 2009 10:09 pm

Wow very organized plan. I will lvl mounts for you when I am on. Np.
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PostSubject: Re: Guild breedng program   

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Guild breedng program
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